When I was forced out of New Orleans by the ravishing flood waters of Hurricane Katrina, I ended up in a small town, only 3 hours away from my hurricane ravished home. I had a free place to live, but it was a long way from everything I had ever known. It just didn’t feel like home. I was experiencing true country living, and I was a city person.  This community  was created for evacuees who had escaped from the disaster. I struggled my way through the country. At first it was boredom.. I sought help from God, asking “what am I going to do here?” I woke up the next morning, walked to my front door and stared out at the oak trees in front of my home. Something about the trees sparked my imagination, I grabbed a piece of paper, I wrote six pages nonstop without even thinking about it. The next day I wrote ten pages. I now write the community newsletter every month, take online writing classes and hope to have a writing business off the ground soon. I am nearing completion of my first novel, one that will blend images from my life in New Orleans with my new life in Canadaville. I got a lot out of this place, now I know why I was brought here to this little town. I am a city girl living in the country under a different success.


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